30 Nov

Hard Bid Estimating
Posted by: Alain @ 2:53 am

If estimating were a football field, the hard bid estimator would be the kickoff returner on special teams.  The complexity and intricate details in receiving a hard bid can easily be compared to catching the pig skin descending from the heavens.  A hard bid is just as it’s name suggest hard to get.

The estimator typically is bidding against all kinds of hungry, raging competitors as numerous as tacklers on a field.  Relying on the special teams to win the game is not at all a good strategy but if a touchdown is attainable that is just icing on the cake.  Hard bids just pay the bills unless you can secure multiple bids and package the jobs together on the buy out.  a hard bid estimator has to be able to make his or her way out of the maze of subcontractors screaming for attention, zombie architects with their never ending addendums, clarifications and all the confusion of a horrendous set of drawings and specs just like a receiver must get through all the mean determined tacklers to get to the in-zone.

Estimating brigs a rush unlike no other.  All the last minute decision making bursting thought are like the rush a runner gets from dodging one player, leaping over another and side stepping yet another.  an estimator can simulate the rowing of a packed stadium by  a touchdown only when a job has been won and bought out at a profit.

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